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Keith Farnan

Keith Farnan

Brilliant, thought-provoking and laugh out loud funny.


Formerly a solicitor on Death Row, Keith has performed as a stand-up all over the world. From the Boston International Comedy Festival to Hong Kong to the Middle East, he has performed his engaging, high energy, 'seriously funny' brand of comedy.
'If Eddie Izzard had been Irish, he’d surely have turned out a lot like Keith Farnan' – THE SCOTSMAN
Keith began peddling his wares in Ireland, where he was quick to climb the ladder and reach headliner status in The Laughter Lounge and International venues in Dublin. He made the leap across to the UK and quickly became a household name across the country. Keith now performs regularly in all major venues, such as The Stand, Glee, Comedy Store, Highlight, Komedia and Jongleurs, as well as most of the major comedy festivals (Leicester, Glasgow, Brighton and Edinburgh).
'Brilliant, thought-provoking and laugh out loud funny' – TIME OUT
His TV appearances include Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow (BBC1), One Night Stand (BBC) and RTE's Liffey Laughs in Ireland. Keith has also been a regular guest on radio in the UK & Ireland, speaking on BBC, RTE, Talksport, Today FM, Newstalk and many more.
'Farnan will make you think hard and laugh even harder' – THE LIST 
Farnan has created a style unto his own with 'serious comedy'. His Edinburgh shows are a form of live docu-comedy that both engage and encourage the audience to explore an issue we face as a people. The results of Keith's research are often so ludicrous that you can't help yourself from laughing. His first show, Cruel & Unusual, offered people an insight into the workings of the death penalty in the US. It gained a lot of attention from media and punters alike, selling out the run and setting him up as a safe bet at the festival for years to come. His second show, No Blacks. No Jews. No Dogs. No Irish. All Welcome, explored the dangerous rise in racism documented in the press at the time, and his third, Sex Traffic, addressed the state of women's rights around the world. Most recently, Keith performed Money Money Money in 2011 which went on to be filmed as a documentary and was aired on Irish television later that year. It examined the whys and wherefores of the recession in Ireland.  
'This is political comedy at its best, perfectly balanced, deadly serious and very funny' - THE SKINNY
Keith has also performed at a variety of Award ceremonies, corporate events, colleges and maybe even a wedding, but he’ll never admit that. He is a great host and performer at any event.
  'Artful, satirical…with a lightness of touch and a hefty helping of roguish Celtic charm' – THE SUNDAY TIMES 
Time Out Critics Choice – London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai