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Michael Winslow (UK Only)

Michael Winslow (UK Only)

The original vocal artist of the 20th century, Michael Winslow can imitate the impossible using only his voice. Whether it's the frenzy of Jimmy Hendrix playing the guitar or a special treat for Star Wars fans, Michael is the master of vocal gymnastics.


Born in 1958 on Fairchild Air Force Base, Michael would imitate the airplane noises and jet engines and soon he was on stage at Tulagi’s, Colorado, where Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors, and various other famous bands had played. Hearing that a group of Jimmy Hendrix fans were present, he decided to portray him and, from the ovation and applause that followed, Michael knew his calling.

Whilst living homeless in Venice Beach, Michael auditioned for the Gong Show, hosted by the infamous Chuck Barris, and soon moved on to LA to perform in the local comedy clubs. It was here that he was discovered by Bud Friedman, founder of the renowned New York Improvisation Comedy Club and who has in the past launched the careers of the likes of Bette Midler, Andy Kaufman and Jay Leno. Friedman featured Michael in the famous Evening at the Improv and in 1984 producers Hugh Wilson and Paul Manslanski witnessed his talent and immediately wrote him into the script of the unforgettable Police Academy movies.

A star was born, and Michael went on to provide the voice of Stripe in Stephen Spielberg’s Gremlins, and starred in National Lampoon’s Robo Doc and Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs.  You can also hear him in various episodes of Family Guy,  King Of The Hill!, The Simpsons, and Robot Chicken.

Michael also starred in the South African Cadbury’s Lunch Bar campaign which was written with only Michael in mind (check it out on YouTube!)