GetComedy Edinburgh Fringe 2017


What We Offer

  • Online Sales Channels

    Embed links to the pages of your site to ensure your visitors can purchase tickets easily or use one of our customisable ticket search bars.  We will add the option of offering a White Label for Year 2 of the service.

  • Live Reports and Ticket Tracking

    Online access to your report suite, live data and visibility of all ticket sales. We will also provide you with all your data following the end of your event. 

  • Multiple Sales Options

    We provide the ability to set and sell different price breaks. You will also have the option to sell from a seating plan. You will also be able to allocate tickets to different outlets to sell simultaneously.

  • Online Support

    We will provide you with access to our past bookers (via our newsletters and website), as well as a prominent feature on our website (which recieves an excess of 8 million hits and views each month). You will also have your own dedicated account manager to ensure you get the most from the service.

  • Marketing Support

    We will expose you to our 14 million marketing outreach.  This includes past bookers of pop genre sales by geographical area. We will list your event within our marketplace website and with our additional 73 affiliate websites to gain you extra visibility.

  • Printed Tickets

    We offer physical and e-ticketing services.  We will provide printed tickets at the rate of 9p + VAT per ticket.

  • Call Centre

    We will provide a Manchester-based call centre with a local telephone number for your customers.  You will also be provided with a call centre support service.

What We Need

  • Booking Fee

    We will charge a booking fee and a delivery free in the region of xx% per ticket and £xxxx per transaction.  E-tickets will be offered at the lower rate of £xxxx per transaction.  Booking and Delivery Fees will be fixed for an agreed period.

  • Guarantees

    We need comfort to enable fund transfer and to build up a financial picture of those involved in the project.  You will need to inform us of your Escrow Account, advances, releases, guarantees and your payment choices.

How To Take Part

Follow the instructions on the following page:

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