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#EdFringe16: Q&A with Phil Nichol

We had a chance to have a quick chat with the fab Phil Nichol before the Fringe kicked off. You can catch Phil at 9:45pm in the Assembly Checkpoint from Aug 6-28 (not 15). Get your tickets HERE!

Tell us about your show and what inspired you to write it?
This year is a celebration of 20 years of solo shows at the Fringe. It will have my favourite bit from every show. I was becoming sentimental and when i realised that it was 20 years ago that I performed my first solo hour I thought that was a moment that I wouldn’t get again. I’ve never attempted a ‘best of show before’ so I thought it would be fun to dig into the back catalogue.

Can you describe it in 140 characters?
A somewhat manic action-packed silly rude joke filled hour that hypes the audience up and leaves them deliriously happy. With dumb songs.

Why should we go and see it?
It’s taken me twenty years to get to this show. It will be some of my favourite stuff and the best I can possibly do. I have a good track record (I think) It’s going to be way too much fun so if you wanna to have a load of fun then it will be perfect.

If you had to compare your show to a film or song, what would it be and why?
Ian Drury and the Blockheads Reasons To Be Cheerful- an upbeat funky fun exhilarating collection of routines and material that should leave the crowd smiling.

Do you have any specific goals you’d like to achieve performing at the Fringe?
Have rocking show that punters love and take away as a great memory. I love being surrounded by all the creativity and thought. It’s inspiring.

What do you love about Edinburgh that makes you come back year after year?
No where else in the world is so much Art and dedication to the arts celebrated on this scale. Every year it is challenging and fresh. It changes with time and always offers something new and surprising. I’ve learned so much there.

Is there anybody else’s shows you really want to see at the Fringe?
For the first time in a while I have only the one show so I will be trying to see as many friends as possible. Carey Marx, Kirsty Doody mean a lot to me personally. I’ll also see loads of people I haven’t seen full hours from. I’m also directing/helping Lucie Pohl, Addy Van de Borgh and Pat Monahan so will be seeing them a fair bit!

Where would you be in August, if you were not in Edinburgh?
I took the year off two years ago and mooched around London. It wasn’t fun. Even if I went sailing round the world I’d probably still be thinking about what I’m missing by not being there.