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  • Abandoman


    Winners of both Hackney Empire...

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  • Adam Bloom

    Adam Bloom

    Adam Bloom is one of Britain's...

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  • Addy van der Borgh

    Addy van der Borgh

    Addy van der Borgh has that ra...

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  • Al Murray

    Al Murray

    After 15 years of refining his...

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  • Al Pitcher

    Al Pitcher

    A disarming New Zealand motorm...

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  • Alan Cochrane

    Alan Cochrane

    Alun Cochrane is a no-nonsense...

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  • Alan Davies

    Alan Davies

    Alan is one of the UK's favour...

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  • Alan Francis

    Alan Francis

    Scottish comedian Alan Francis...

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  • Alex Horne

    Alex Horne

    A hugely talented and diverse...

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  • Ali Cook

    Ali Cook

    Ali has written and starred in...

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  • Alistair Barrie

    Alistair Barrie

    Actor and comedian Alistair Ba...

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  • Alistair McGowan

    Alistair McGowan

    Alistair McGowan provides many...

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  • Andre Vincent

    Andre Vincent

    A situational comic, Vincent i...

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  • Andrew Bird

    Andrew Bird

    One of the hottest prospects i...

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  • Andrew Maxwell

    Andrew Maxwell

    Andrew Maxwell is more than a...

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  • Andrew O'Neill

    Andrew O'Neill

    Andrew O'Neill isn't your usua...

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  • Andrew Stanley

    Andrew Stanley

    Andrew Stanley is one of the t...

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  • Andy Askins

    Andy Askins

    Andy Askins is a diminutive fi...

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  • Angus Deaton

    Angus Deaton

    The foundation of Deayton's ca...

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  • Ardal O'Hanlon

    Ardal O'Hanlon

    Forever in our hearts as the u...

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  • Arj Barker

    Arj Barker

    Half-Sikh, half-European US co...

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  • Arthur Smith

    Arthur Smith

    Arthur Smith has become one of...

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  • Ava Vidal

    Ava Vidal

    With her striking looks this r...

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